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Farm Fahrenbrink, formerly Loxten no. 46, historically leads to the small farms ‘Rudenhecker’, later ‘Rüenheck’. Even during the dividing of Loxten’s market, the building was still carrying this name. During the last Middle Ages, the sovereign took care of the establishment of numerous Markkötter (small houses in cottage style), especially on the vast of Loxten’s border. Thereby, he won additional subjects and other control means. One of these accrual buildings was also the ‘Markkötter’ no. 46. One of the remarkable heritages of the farm is one of the oldest known oak tree in the wider city circle of Gütersloh. The tree is over 400 years old and has survived the 30-year war. In the height of one meter the oak measures a trunk circumference of 6.50 meters. This is why it is supported by ropes.


Shield No. 6
Rothenfelde Straße 63
33775 Versmold

52.05703°N 8.15661°E


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