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In 1853 the first village school was built in Peckeloh headed by the former village teacher and talented astronomer Heinrich Weber. Around 200 children were taught by teacher Weber, alone and in shifts, up to 1865. A special feature of the small school is the bell tower, which was also initiated by Weber. The inscription on the bell comes from his pen:


Love and harmony of the community
Called for you, so follow me.
Calls my sound you for prayers,
Then lovers and harmony remain here.


Heinrich Weber's life story is fascinating. As a child of poor hirelings he made it professionally to the village schoolmaster. His real love, however, was astronomy. In Peckeloh he even built a small observatory and started his own research, for which he was eventually made an honorary member of the Paris Observatory. On the 26th of October in 1974, the community honoured his memory by the inauguration of the ‘Heinrich-Weber-Platz’ (square) in the heart of the village.


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to the new School from 1881 in Peckeloh