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In the Ravensberger Straße (Ravensberger Street) two impressive Westphalian half-timbered houses can be found. The first of the two, now ‘Ravensberger Straße 7’, was Versmold’s first pharmacy. Mr Anton Friedrich Delius, one of the many notable offspring of the extended family clan, had the property built in 1789. Almost 200 years it was used as a pharmacy. By the way, since more than 100 years the property is already in possession of the family Hollefeld-Keller.

The neighbouring timbered house in today ‘Ravensberger Straße 9’ serves as a restaurant these days. It dates back to the 18th century and served back then as a residential and commercial building of the peddler Henrich Bierhake. A number of changes of ownership followed, until it was rebuilt for gastronomic purposes a few years ago.


Shield No. 14
Ravensburger Straße 7
33775 Versmold

52.04096°N 8.15537°E


to the Imperial post office in Versmold