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The treasure of myths and legends that are said about the Oesterweg’s ‘Bittglocke’ are rich. Following a tradition, it was built on the basis of a vow to help lost people finding the way home by ringing its bells during evening hours. Anyhow, the bell was donated by farmers of the place during the Middle Ages. The bell is back dated to 1519, but it is quite possible that the bell is considerably older. It was originally supported by the branch of a strong oak. However, in 1805 this oak needed to be logged and the first framework made from oak was built. In1901 this basement was replaced by a skeleton made of iron and in 1986 by the current wooden scaffolding. The bell itself is unquestionably a rare example of bell casting of that time and is of important value for the local history. The bell was consecrated to Saint Anna, Anthony, and George to prevent damage in arable farming. It was also there to mourn the dead and to summon parishioners. The bell was erected by the so-called ‘Oesterweg’s Klockenburn’ (bell farmers), who maintained the bell over centuries to the present day.

Shield No. 1
Obernstraße 16
33775 Versmold

52.03703°N 8.20053°E

to the Oesterwege`s Heimathaus (Home house)