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Several impressive graves decorate Versmold’s cemetery today. Of particular importance, however, are the graves of the family Delius. After being awarded as a city in 1719, Versmold also became attractive to the merchant family Delius from Vlotho, because in Versmold was a marketplace where mainly linen cloth were traded. In 1720 the first rung of the merchant family settled here together with Daniel Conrad Delius. From then on, he and his descendants shaped the political and economic life in Versmold for 200 years. With its linen products they made Versmold widely known. Even today, different culturally relevant grave stones remind us of many members of the family tribe of Versmold.

Shield No. 13
Berliner Straße 34
33775 Versmold

52.04049°N 8.16454°E


to the pharmacy and the old Hökerhouse (peddler house) in Versmold