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In 1867 the retiree Mr Hermann Conrad Delius built the impressive and grand bourgeois villa on the Ravensberger Straße. The building itself was built as a replica of a villa in Hamburg which was built by another Delius. Hereafter, it was built a second time in Versmold, but in a somewhat reduced form. Hermann Conrad’s son Albrecht let set up a private observatory on the roof of the house and, hence, could indulge his hobby of astronomy. In 1955, he died unmarried and gave his fortune to a charity. In 1962 the Christian Youth Village took over the villa including its large landholdings and built numerous school and boarding facilities during the following years.

Shield No. 17
Ravensberger Straße 33
33775 Versmold

52.04484°N 8.15623°E


to the city park in Versmold