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Following the way from the city library to the intersection of Ravensberger Straße and Rothfelder Straße, one can find the ‘Dobczyce-square’, formerly called ‘cross-square’. The ‘cross-square’ was a historic court facility and location for the so-called ‘Malkreuz’ (times sign) which perhaps once gave Versmold’s name deriving from ‘Mallus – mold’. The arms of the city still carry the design of the cross. In 2004, the town council decided to rename the ‘cross-square’ into ‘Dobczyce-square’ to celebrate the twinning with the Polish city Dobczyce.

Shield No. 16
Ravensberger Straße
33775 Versmold

52.02564°N 8.09001°E


to the Delius charity in Versmold