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First mentioned and certificated in 1192, manor Stockheim was closely connected to the noble ministry seat of the Count House of Ravensberg. Within the manors of Versmold, it was the oldest of the three located in Wittenstein, Caldenhof and house Halstenbeck. One can find manor Stockheim situated in the northeast of the city - located on the border between Loxten and Bockhorst where it formed its own manor area. The noble residence was surrounded by an artificial moat, which in turn is fed by two streams. On the island itself an impressive castle arose during historical times, which was built like a defensive square. Several agricultural front buildings secured the access to the castle. Until the early 19th century the manor Stockheim remained a noble residence. Then the estate was divided up and sold. The remaining historic structure on the island itself has now been lovingly restored and is privately owned.

Shield No. 1
Stockheimer Straße 13
33775 Versmold

52.06034°N 8.17769°E


to the Stockheimer Mill in Loxten