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Among the notable half-timbered maisons of Versmold’s downtown, certainly house Gößling outstands. It is located in the immediate vicinity of Wissmann's farm. The property itself was built after 1850 and served at the time of the second German Empire (1871-1918) as a sales point no. 41 of the Bielefeld consumption club. In 1936 Mrs Frieda Hogreve, who was previously employed as a salesperson, leased the shallow end of the building to operate her own business. In the mid-1960s the meat industry fabric Menzefricke took over the premises and built up a sales outlet for meat and sausage products. Later a pet store was founded as well, which nowadays moved to a different place.

Shield No. 11
Berliner Straße 14
33775 Versmold

52.04021°N 8.15837°E


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