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Here, the magnificent timbered house Oldermann is impressively presented. In the cross-beam front, the saying "Do not trust God, so you'll have enough in 1602" can be found. This house is now more than 400 years old, consequently it can be considered as the oldest surviving Versmold mansion. It is still not known who built the estate in the first place, but during the late 17th century it belonged to the priest called Olderman, who worked in Versmold from 1681 to 1697. His heir was the merchant J.A. Olderman, who also hold the title as a senator, which means a role as a co-ordinate in the urban magistrate. At the end of the 19th century the estate was passed into the ownership of family Hawerkamp.

Shield No. 4
Münsterstraße 7
33775 Versmold

52.03991°N 8.15472°E


to the old chantry in Versmold