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The Heimathaus of Oesterweg was known as the ‘Päckskenbude’ at the beginnings of the 1970s. Coffee made of chicory roots was produced and commercialised. The renovation of the dilapidated building and its reclassification to Heimathaus of Oesterweg was a major project within the village competition ‘Our village is beautiful’ in 1975. At that time, the homeland club of Oesterweg leased the ‘Päckskenbude’ and bought it later. Since 1975, in any case, the property has been steadily expanded and was improved. Long, the Heimathaus became the social centre of the former gold village. Numerous events from the homeland club, such as game afternoons and heritage evenings, have helped to entrench the old half-timbered house itself in the village.


Shield No.2
Oesterweger Straße 35a
33775 Versmold

52.03168°N 8.20057°E

to Farmyard & storage Kamp in Oesterweg