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The old inside building of the farm Mattlage, today farm Stratmann, which is situated at the Rohenfelder Straße (Rohenfeder Street) is around 180 years old. However, the history of the estate extends further back. Already during the rental of Ravensberg in 1556, the farm was well described on the border between Ravensberg and the Bishopric of Osnabrück. It was said that the place was a ‘Erbkötterei’ (a small house situated at the village boarder) belonging to the farm Hartmann in Loxton. Specifically, this means that the farm Mattlage had been built on lands of the wide spaced Hartmann farm. The farmer, called Johan, was personally free with his wife and children. However, his compulsory duty was to work for the farm Hartmann. Opposite the farm lies a remarkable strip of land called ‘America’. On this spot, the American emigrants from Versmold said farewell to their relatives during the 19th century.

Shield No. 4
Rothenfelde Straße 95
33775 Versmold

52.07248°N 8.15964°E

to the Hollander on the old salt Route in Loxten