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Originally only one Meyer-farm must have existed in Bockhurst. ‘Meyer’ was reckoned as the first farm of the region, similar to farm ‘Schulte’ which was first farm of the neighbours of the Münsterland (parts of Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia). As ordered by the lord, Meyer’s farmer started the rudimentary management of farmers in the middle ages. In a certificate back dated to 1329, Hermann from the farm Meyer is mentioned for the first time. Presumably, the today existing two Meyer farms resulted out of a distribution of estate which, however, is not written or shown in any certificates. One of the farms – farm Meyer-Hermann – was built in 1823 using the building characteristics from Minden-Ravensberg. The typical half-timbers and the taken care for farm garden are a real eye-catcher, even today.

Shield No. 5
Bockhorst 2
33775 Versmold

52.7332°N 8.20295°E


to Farm Meyer-Peter in Bockhorst