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In the archive of the property Palsterkamp from Osnabrück a farm ‘Gerken Syckendyck’ is mentioned in 1552. This farm itself was numbered with ‘6’ in Bockhorst and belonged to the 37 farms which were registered in the ‘Ravensberger rental’ in 1556. Over the centuries the spelling of the name changed several times. Up to 1711 the farm was dependent on Palsterkamp. However, after that the former farmer Johann Peter Sickendiek could pay for being independent. His son Johann Hermann Sikendiek was not only a farmer, but also surveyor. On the occasion of market splitting he was responsible for the measurement and drawing of the hallway parts of the churches in Bockhorst and Versmold. In 1836 the farm ground was rebuilt. Up to 1970 a water mill, on the other side of the street, belonged to this farm. The pond, which belonged to the water mill, is still present today. In 1879 a nephew of the farmer Franziska Sickendieck (née Meyer of Hörste) took over the farm. Since then this spot is called ‘Meyer-Sickendieck’. Nowadays this farm is known for a typical Ravenbergish fest hallway.

Shield No. 7
Frankfurter Weg 10
33775 Versmold

52.05733°N 8.2209°E


to the Colourful Mill in Bockhorst