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The affiliation of the farm Potthoff, formerly Hollmann, of Peckeloh was controversial until the 16th century. In 1535 the border between Peckeloh and Füchtorf ran under the hearth of the farm! The storage which belonged to the farm was built in 1800. The two and a half-storey storage building on ‘peep stone base’ from Laer can be regarded as a typical example for a separate storage building in the agricultural environment. It also features a brick vaults cellar. Lovingly restored, the storage with the Ravensberg rafter in the arms, shows its affiliation to the county of Ravensberg which piquet was the hamlet Peckeloh.

Shield No. 5
Hollmortstraße 4
33775 Versmold

52.02114°N 8.08179°E


to the Wurstträgerbrunnen (sausage-girder-well) in Versmold