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Farm Raabe, the formerly largest farm of Oesterweg was already attested as ‘heelspenniger’ hence, as ‘Vollspänner’ (instep kick) since the Middle Ages. Thus, the farm was leading within the peasant social order. The Ravensberger rental of 1556 states, that the farm belonged to Rennenberg, and therefore, was not a part of the country's sovereignty since then. Later on it was transferred into the ownership of the goods from the parish Palsterkamp in Dissen. In 1711 the farm was released, and since then the estate has developed magnificently. During the 19th century family Raabe presented two municipal administrators of Oesterweg. By the way, family Raabe incidentally also donated the so-called ‘Petrus Window’ in the ‘Petri-church’ of Versmold.


Shield No. 4
Apfelstaße 2
33775 Versmold

52.038451°N 8.194847°E


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