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Mentioned first in 1280, the history of Peckeloh’s farm Schulte extends back into Frankish times. The farm must be seen as one of the oldest and largest farms in Versmold. For centuries the property was counted as one of the most important sites of the monastery Marienfeld, to which it belonged. The monks used this building to colonise the area of Peckeloh from there. During the Middle Ages, Mr Schulte was named as the local council and greatest farmer in the village. In the 20th century, the farm changed its character sustainably: 1987 Peter Schulte to Surlage erected a first privately financed driving range on the premises of the farm. In 1991 a 9-hole golf course has been completed on 31 hectares. Today, an 18-hole course can be found here on approximately 70 hectares of land, surrounded by the typical parkland of Münster.

Shield No. 1
Schulten Allee 1
33775 Versmold

52.01522°N 8.10044°E


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