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Mysterious and legendary is the history of the Catholic chapel of the farm Schulte. According to legend, the construction of the chapel goes back to a misdeed of Schulte farmers during the Great Pest-(plague)-züge (14th century). The church was definitely built at the instigation from the monastery Marienfeld. Eventually, the exact age of the chapel cannot be determined. The present building, in any case, was built around 1720. The altar, however, with its five crosses carved into, must be much older. The interior of the former Catholic chapel of the farm Schulte of Surlage measures 2.50 times to 2.00metres. Actually, Versmold was said to be a Protestant parish from the 18th century on. The more remarkable it is that the monastery Marienfeld as landlord of farm Schulte let build a Catholic chapel. The monastery was interested to operate mission in Protestant Peckeloh. In 1824, in the year of death of the last Abbot of Marienfeld, the last catholic mass should have been hold here.

Shield No. 2
Schulten Allee 1
33775 Versmold

52.01522°N 8.10044°E


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