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The historical awareness of citizens from Bockhorst, who are organised through the local homeland club, is impressive. Since the beginning of 1990 the citizens focused especially on the cultural history of flax processing, using the theme of ‘Vom Flachs zum Leinen’ (‘from flax to linen’). Spindles and weaving loom were restored from the local homeland club, to protect the ancient art. However, a dignified place for historical embossed meetings was always missing. The Bockhorst Kotten, built in circa 1750 and situated directly next to the farm of Meyer-Peter, was refurbished and decorated by the local homeland club in 2000. Nowadays the ‘Kotten’ is used as a home. Furthermore, the needed furniture and machines for the flax processing are stored in this house.

Shield No. 3
Bockhorst 10
33775 Versmold

52.07434°N 8.20264°E


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