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After the Sylvester fire (New Year’s Eve) of 1804, Versmold city centre, located around the ‘Perti-church’, received ‘a new face’. The houses close to the church square were not rebuilt. Thus, the path widened to the north; the Mühlenstraße (Mill Street) - today Ravensberger Straße - originated. At the corner of Mill Street and Berliner Straße (Berlin Street), the mayor Anton Daniel Delius built a new, modern house out of massive blocks, which also includes an expansive subterranean part. During the times of the French occupation, Mr Delius should conduct the affairs of the city under the title of "Maire" (Mayor). Therefore, the building was called the "Mairie". In the late 19th century Dr. Bernhard Vornhecke bought that house and opened a private medical practice. Soon, he was able to gain a great reputation and a broad patient base. However, his son sold the property in 1968; since then, the premises are rented.

Shield No. 3
Ravensberger Straße 2
33775 Versmold

52.04021°N 8.15575°E


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