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Closely connected to the beginnings of the history about Versmold is the farm ‘Meyer of Hengelage’. As Meyer-farm the estate belonged to the main farms of Loxten and probably held management function in the peasantry in early times. In 1096 the farm was first mentioned. Until then, the farm was owned by the monastery Herzebrock and was then transferred into the possession of the ‘Petri-church’. Henceforth, the proceeds of the farm Hengelage made it possible to develop an independent parish in Versmold, which belonged to the dominion of the Bishop of Osnabrück. The farm Meyer of Hengelage was now property owned by the church and remained there through the entire Middle Ages. During the middle of the 16th century it was recorded that the farm was a ‘heelspenniger’, which translates as ‘instep kick’. Thus, farm Meyer of Hengelage belongs within the rural social order to the largest and most important farms of the parish.

Shield No. 7
Laerstraße 30
33775 Versmold

52.0634°N 8.13857°E


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