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During the last third of the 19th century the agriculture was considerably modernised. The old brands were reclaimed and soon more and more people were getting better nourished. Thus, the population in the farming communities increased quickly and the number of children rose. Already in 1865 a second teaching job was created at the village school in Peckeloh. In 1881, a third teaching position was necessary. Moreover, the number of students had increased so much that a bigger school was needed. Hence, the community of Peckeloh acquired a heath situated in the east of the old school and built a new school in 1881, including a teacher's apartment. This apartment was rededicated to a classroom in 1909. For that, a wing of the building was doubled and made as a teacher's flat between the two wars. Accompanied by other annex constructions, lessons were hold until 1960, when finally, the today present school was built.

Shield No. 4
Starenstraße 27
33775 Versmold

52.018516°N 8.124734°E


to Farm Potthoff in Peckeloh