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Several mills belonged to manor Stockheim: the so-called ‘New Mill’, the ‘Hardieksmühle’ (both in the hamlet of Oesterweg), and the Stockheim house mill, situated directly opposite the manor. Not only grain was milled here; it is historically recorded that the house mill also possessed a so-called ‘Bokemahlwerk’. Hence, farmers from Loxten brought flax and hemp to this mill, so that the fibres could be broken with the strength of water. The cultivation of flax and hemp and further processing of linen belonged to the most important acquisition fields to Versmold’s farmers. The current mill building, an imposing two-storey timber-frame building, was built in 1831 after the previous building was burned down. In 1867 the possession of manor Stockheim, including the mill, was passed to the miller Westenhoff and one of his associates. The new operator sold large parts of the manor; however, he ran the mill himself. Today the property is used for residential purposes.

Shield No. 2
Stockheiser Straße 10
33775 Versmold

52.05981°N 8.17748°E


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