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‘Wissmann’s farm’ is probably one of the best preserved and most striking examples of rural timbered culture in Versmold. In the Ravensberger rental of 1556, the oldest cadastre in the region, we can find the ‘Wischmann’ farmer as an independent farmer. In the 18th century though, the farmer was under the spell of the territorial lord. Today's farm is likely to be built around 1750. The last farmer on this farm was Johann Heinrich Wissmann, who left an infant son. After Johann Heinrich's early death in 1868, the lands were parcelled out and leased. Son Wilhelm (1853-1938) made career elsewhere: He became a lawyer and was promoted, finally, to the Cultural Affairs President in Düsseldorf. His daughter Maria, wife of General and artist Ernst Schellmann, inherited the estate; today, it is owned by her progeny.

Shield No. 10
Berliner Straße 4
33775 Versmold

52.03959°N 8.15682°E


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