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The restaurant ‘Zum Holländer’ (to the Hollander), located at the Old Salt Route, got its name based on Versmold’s tradition of the walk to Holland. During the 18th and early 19th centuries dozens of men hiked year by year to Friesland in order to peat mow grass for a few months. Reason for that was that one could still earn some money in flourishing Holland, while Westphalia’s economy was broke. Money could also be made through salt trade. The restaurant in the Old Salt Route was in historical times a so-called ‘Salzsellerei’, where salt quotas were managed. It may be assumed that the Loxten’s citizens also operated a lively salt smuggling trade with salt from Rothenfeld. The best-known owner of the restaurant ‘Zum Holländer’ was Dr Wilhelm Warning, an educator and folklorist who also worked in agriculture and hence, made himself a name as a local historian in Loxton. His son Gottfried continued to manage the restaurant until it was closed during the 1980s.


Shield No. 5
Alter Salzweg 20
33775 Versmold

52.06211°N 8.16586°E


to Farm Fahrenbrink and its old oak in Loxten